When you enter a UF classroom, you are surrounded by some of the
brightest people in the world. Between the AP, IB, transfer, and abroad
students you're competing from day 1 and you must be at your best. You
wouldn't have been accepted here if you weren't capable of succeeding.
Here are two of the most important tips from the Real Deal Academics:

#1 Introduce yourself to the professor the first day of classes.

#2 Work your tail off until at least the first exam in every class.

You will better understand the class, the professor, the department, UF, and most importantly, the grading curve. Remember: there are probably sophomores and juniors in your class who have already taken it once before. You can't afford less than your best. Ask anyone: nothing is harder than trying to bring a GPA back up after your first semester.
(Don't lose your scholarships over it).

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