There is an INSANE amount of scholarships out
there for those willing to take the time to apply. I
implore you not to end up eating Ramen Noodles
out of a small dorm with no AC (I've been there
it's not fun).

Just about everyone gives out scholarships
(even we do). If you haven't applied to over
20 foundations already you are giving away free
money, sure as if you handed your wallet to the
next person you saw and walked away. There are
people and organizations out there that will literally
help you all the way through college.

Before picking up a job and a 40 hour work week
realize that you can probably make double the money
in half the time applying for aid, and your studies are
more important. The Real Deal Financial Aid will
give you the little tips to getting the job done better
such as:

Tip #1 File your FAFSA

Tip #2 Don't forget to apply to small (dollar amount)
foundations run by one or two people.

Often they will  give you more money than they
advertise. What they are doing is looking to see if your
financial need is so great that 250 or 100 dollars is very
important to you. Plus they are less publicized and
fewer people apply which disproportionately increases
your expected return per hour spent applying. But by
far the biggest secret of financial aid is In the Real Deal
Financial Aid.

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