Joining a fraternity or sorority is a great way to meet new people and get involved.
Keep in mind however, some people are cut out for it, and some aren't. Each semester,
the masses of college social butterflies are whittled down after the most important
week of decision making called Rush. Fraternities and sororities are like an extended
family, of which the members have a common ground that defines them as a group
specific according to their code.

There are some fraternities that are more liberal in their selections, and others that aren't, while the same is true for sororities More in The Real Deal Fraternity and Sorority System including a breakdown of the different houses and what they stand for I've known plenty of rushees who've gotten caught drinking on campus. Remember, the penalties build on themselves for repeat offenders and can be severe. It is a good idea to know the University code and its bylaws because you never know what may happen. Whether you're Greek or not, drinking on campus is not smart, and it's not worth getting busted, period.

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