"My so called social life"
We've all been there, having that little extra time on
your hands when you're not cramming for a test, or
just neglecting your studies altogether. While your
main objective should be education, there is time in
college to have fun. At UF there are seemingly
limitless things to be involved in including clubs,
parties, and other events. So what exactly should
you do? To make this important aspect of your
college life a little easier I've passed on a few
simple tips to help you adjust to college social life.

Hanging out downtown and swinging it at a popular club can be relatively cheap, a
great way to scope out the other sex, and an even better way to unwind after a week of
classes. By cheap, I mean VIP lists, and knowing the bouncer. If you get to know
people and friends connected with the downtown scene, you will be surprised. You can
get in to just about anywhere you want without ever paying the cover, and if not for
free, very reduced. I've gone for weeks without paying to get into a club. There are
websites that have info on what clubs and other venues are offering, such as, and it's smart to check them out. The flood of advertisements handed to
you on campus can get annoying when you're on your way to class, but they can be a
life saver when you and your buddy ask each other over and over "what are we gonna
do tonight?" Gainesville has a decent downtown scene and caters to people who just
want to chill with their friends. Don't discount checking out a local band, restaurant, or

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