Don't follow the crowd. For example, there is a long line at
the ID card services on Day 1. If you wait until day 2 when
everyone is sitting around for advising, you should get right in.

Ask other Gators for help. We all remember Preview and
wish we could have a bit of it once more. Don't be shy,
network, meet new people, and Ask us about anything!

For Gator gear, check out stores not located on campus for
the best prices like Gator Plus on University Ave or other
retailers. Despite slightly inflated prices, the Reitz Union is
funded by UF Student Government and your tuition dollars
and is probably the most convenient place to shop on
campus. For more money-saving tips, ask about the top 10
ways to save money at UF!

Do you wish you could learn about more than two UF
departments? Our suggestion is to go into the different
departments and ask the students not on UF's payroll for
their opinion. For example, walk into the physics building
use Preview Tip #2 and ask where the SPS lounge is. Or
walk down to Little Hall (Don't let the name confuse you: it
is by no means "Little") and ask where the math office is.
Or you could always ask for the Real Deal from us.

We were recently eavesdropping on part of your preview
class. A college kid turned around with an angry expression.
He spoke softly so as not to draw attention, "Mom! You don't
understand: I don't need you guys. I can get home on my
own if I have to, I can get a cab, I can walk!" We all
thought this was crazy. That was until we started thinking
back to the end of our HS Senior years. We all thought we
had it going on and could care for ourselves independently.
No problem. However, each of our parents were cracking
down harder than usual. I don't think even they knew why.
This tension between our perceived independence and our
parents' desire to control a larger portion of our lives caused
much struggle, fighting, & division. It seems as if everyone to
varying degrees goes through this; that is, except those who
know the real deal of Preview.

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