Stop worrying about the hottie from your tour group! You will literally
have years to do that. Two weeks ago one of us was in the UF bookstore
buying some last minute items. And there was a Preview girl: she was
fighting with her parents about something, and then got in line. She then
proceeded to "act cool" and ignore her folks. Trust me: most people find
"daddy's little girl" and a "momma's boy" a whole lot sexier then you
think. Your parents are your most reliable friends, they're always there for
you whether you like it or not. Stop pretending as if you popped out of
nowhere. Everyone has their family here in one way or another. No one
makes it here alone.

Everyone remembers Preview, who they went through it with, and the
stories they told. If you let it, it will bring a smile to your face every time
you see those silly tan bags and name tags. The Real Deal is to share
everything you are & everything you have (including your parents) with
those around you: your fellow Gators, your Preview class, and those who
have cared for you the most.

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